Judging Criteria

Criteria Scores
1. Objective Setting 15

1.1 Market insights which led to the innovation
1.2 Organizational challenges / Pain points addressed by the innovation
1.3 Objectives of the innovation

2. Design, Development & Execution 20

2.1 Design, development and execution of the solution / model, to address identified challenges and pain points and to achieve established objectives
2.2 Value proposition of the solution / model to various stakeholders, and their buy-in
2.3 Roles of various stakeholders in design, development and execution
2.4 Obstacles encountered and overcame during design, development and execution, business turn-around from failures and rescue plan (if any)
2.5 Quality analysis of the solution / model, e.g. stability, reliability

3. Creativity & Innovation 25

3.1 Demonstrate how to use technology to drive innovation from ideation to execution e.g how advanced technology is utilized to drive innovation
3.2 Creating or enhancing the organization’s competitive advantages
3.3 Originality of the innovation, e.g. breaking new grounds, breakthroughs in the organization, industry, Hong Kong, the region or worldwide
3.4 Adaptive Innovation, e.g. to evolve with changing market needs to upgrade and re-design

4. Sustained Outcomes, Benefits and Impact 30

4.1 Positive and sustained outcomes of the solution / model, impact on organizational performance, e.g. profitability, return on investment, cost-recovery timeframe, cost efficiency, market share, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction
* Please provide supporting evidence, e.g. quantitative and / or qualitative results.
4.2 Benefits to various stakeholders, e.g. customers, employees, owners, investors, business partners, suppliers, community, society
4.3 Impact on the market, e.g. changing norms or practices, creating new markets
4.4 Future potential, e.g. business continuity, organizational growth
4.5 For Innovative Rising Stars Award: May include business potentials not yet realized

5. Exceptional Merits 10

5.1 Incorporating Purpose in the innovation strategies
5.2 Nurturing a culture of innovation in the organization
5.3 Building agility and resilience in the organization
5.4 Recognition by external or professional bodies, e.g. innovation awards, certificates, patents applied or obtained

Total 100